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AI Dream #36 - Marina Abramovic moves to Italy.

Marina Abramovic moves to a small town in Italy.
She has complete use of the main square, they built for her a tall, transparent three sided cage made of glass, attached to a mechanism at the centre of the square which makes the cage move in a circular way.
Fixed at the centre, the cage moves around the edges of the square, in one big circular movement.
Marina Abramovic is naked inside the triangular cage, there is enough room just for her body, and she is forced to walk, 24/7.
If she tries to stop, she would stumble inside the small cage.

I wonder why she did it and how the people of the small village would react at such view.

The asphalt is broken and I can see that someone hid a poster below the first layer of asphalt.
I pull out the poster, doing a favour to someone from my past who I don’t want to see.


Marina Abramovic moves to Italy

AI Dream #35 - Faster than the army, worse than 2004.

I am running with an army platoon.
Some of them are very impolite and I take pride in being faster than them.

I get to the Ancona’s neighbourhood Gli Archi where Lucia Mascino welcomes me and asks me to move there.

She likes my jeans.
She says it’s a model from 2004, what she considers being a great year, much better than any other year. 


Faster than the army, worse than 2004.

AI Dream #34 - One friend dies, one is from outer space.

Marco Principi dies of something stomach related.
I had a previous appointment with his partner and I am looking forward to it, because I feel the pain she must be in.
Suddenly I realise that their flat was in front of our flat and we could have waved at each other from the window all along.
What happened to us, people, that we are so close and we don’t spend time with each other?
As soon as I think this thought, her flat changes and it becomes an intricate structure merged with all the other flats and for me is virtually impossible to see her now.

I find out I had been signed up to a workshops about “sides”. My friend Franz, who looks like coming from outer space and has millions of grey hair, tells me that one of the teachers is not that good.
We discover a new feature that allows citizens to see the Facebook updates of people they know, projected outside their homes.
Immediately I lose my attention and I start reading Facebook updates, one in particular is about the hairstyle of male runners, which has shifted from blonde to bold.

It’s raining. My attention is back, I pity myself for wasting time reading updates. I am about to meet Maria, Marco’s partner.
The rain reminds me of the last photo of him that I saw, taken during a rainy day: he was wearing a bright towel on his head, sitting in a yoga pose on a table, laughing.
Choose the positive side of things, that was the point he was making.
Remembering it, makes me cry.


One friend dies, one is from outer space.

AI Dream #33 - Apologies to the hummingbird

I was driving a white Lamborghini from Ancona to Collemarino.

When driving through Torrette, my friend Valentina tells me to look to my right, towards the sea.
I see a giant ship and I get scared, but I keep my focus on the road because I don’t want to crash my brand new supercar.
The perspective is the one I fear the most, in front of the the bow.

I turn my head to the left and I see my high school German teacher, turned into a hummingbird.
I wonder if she remembers me now that she is in animal form. In case she does, I whisper my apologies for having lost most of my knowledge of the German language.


Apologies to the hummingbird.

AI Dream #32 - Pre-death parties, scary fathers and decomposing corpses

We open Luco’s mailbox, whose name was Lucostino, there were only three blank postcards. So sad. Two were from Milli, and one said that my mother was the President. I show them to Marzia.

I am at my grandma’s when Robertina, one of the neighbours, invites me to a pre-death party in honour of her dying father Leo. I accept and once I am there I see zia Sunta in bed with Leo.
Happy and surprised to see her, I stroke her gently to wake her up.
She is confused, I tell her not to worry and then leave. In a garage there are three big but not powerful motorbikes, they were custom built by Bibo, Robertina’s brother. I wonder how they can stay put.
One of the bikes is inspired by a videogame and has a small roof, it’s wonderful and I want it so bad, so that when it rains, Milli won’t get wet.
I leave the party and Robertina dies.

There is a little girl, she is a red dot and she is on a leaf. Her father is dressed like a gigantic insect and he is playing to scare her. He has many insect costumes, cute at first and then monstrous, the little girl jumps from the leaf and the dad dies. I wonder where he kept the clothes, so many, so big.

There is a garage with the word Valentin written everywhere and some access denied signals.
I enter anyway and I see a boy affected by the Down syndrome dressed like an egg, many eggs. I am with a partner, we got knives, I peel the egg costume and I understand that the boy had spent much time there.
He tells us vampires are coming.
Actually, two thieves come and we stab them to death. What are we going to do with the bodies? The boy tells us to keep the bodies with his family, and points up to the second floor.
We go up, there is a stinky bedroom, from the glass wall I can see corpses, his decomposing family.
We throw in the two new corpses and shut the door back.

We take a sit in another room, the house is so beautiful, we say to each other that we could live there for a little while.


Pre-death parties, scary fathers and decomposing corpses.

AI dream #31 - A dystopian society where social media is people’s memories, ID and money.

It was some kind of anniversary for my parents. My brother in law suggests me to go get them some flowers. I go. I am in an elevator at the 50th floor. The floor numbers start changing crazily. I am aware of my surroundings, my senses are finely tuned on the world around me. Something is about to happen. The police escorts me out of the elevator and deletes all my social media accounts, which in that world also counted as proof of identity and money. It’s just a matter of minutes before I start forgetting who I am. Desperately I repeat all that is left in my memory, trying to make the memories stick.

I am now an outcast and while my case is discussed by the authorities, I have to do odd jobs to survive. One job is to help someone at the airport dispose of some luggages. I wasn’t supposed to ask any questions. I am told one luggage has a dead tiger inside and near another one I see a white rabbit. I go with my dodgy supervisor to a clinic, unaware of the reason behind our small trip. A doctor recognises my supervisor and to buy him some time to come up with a fake name and a story, I ask the doctor what is that thing in front of me that looks a lot like little rabbits coming out of mushrooms.

AI dream #30: fight for your pizza rights. Strangers in my mouth.

I ask a pizza guy to swap the salami for anchovies. He says he cannot do it, because he has just started the job. I tell him that it’s in his rights to swap ingredients and he finally agrees with one condition: I have to open the anchovies can. The can is the tiniest I have ever seen, I make a mess with the oil, it goes everywhere on the counter.

Two people get closer, they ask me if I am a friend of someone called Ida. I say no. They insist, they say I must know Ida because I was near the pizza. There’s no logic. They touch my face and they put their hands in my mouth. I try to fight them with a plastic fork. I lose my memory. I find myself sitting at a table, my friend Vale is sitting a few seats away from me. She is blond. Is she sitting there waiting for me to get her the pizza? I tell her that I have lost my memory and it must be something related to some people who were asking me about someone called Ida.

AI dream #29: the navel sense of self.

I find myself in a mysterious place, where people’s perception and sense of self was not in the head, somewhere behind the eyes, but in the navel. For a few moments I can perceive as they do, and I literally see from my navel and I feel as my own sense of self is somewhere there.
It’s different.
I wonder why we perceive from behind the eyes and I receive a visual answer of a blue smoke mixed with a purple smoke.

AI dream #28: penises, design complaints and FOMO.

I am at a TED conference. The person on stage is wearing a necklace with a massive boner as pendant. He says that there is one for each of us and he invites the audience to get on stage to get one necklace. When on stage, I feel self aware about wearing a giant penis on my neck, and I refuse to take one. When turning to leave, I see the TED stage from the point of view of the speaker. What an unusual sight! I take it all in and I feel the desire to be on stage myself one day.

Outside, people are distributing a black and white fanzine. I recognise the logo of We The Curious, but the content doesn’t make sense, as it’s a series of comic strips by design students. I wonder if I should have been in there, if I am missing out.

People everywhere. It’s hard to leave. It’s hot. The surface of the narrow walking path is a constellation of small fountains that randomly activate and squirt water up in the air while you are walking. Staying dry is impossible and I think to myself what a bad design.

AI dream #27: the kinetic inconsistencies between the desert and the North Pole

Walking through the desert, I suddenly get to the North Pole. What a view! It’s immense and white. A giant piece of ice rolls next to me, it must be heavy but it moves as if it’s as light as fresh snow.

I wish I could tell my family that I am in the North Pole.

On the border between the desert and the north pole, there are some abandoned cathedrals. I try to photograph them from an interesting perspective where I can frame two buildings, but as soon as I look through the lens, my body rotates and revolves and I find myself upside down.

AI dream #26: a new human breed. Cement their years if you kill them

I was in an abandoned area near Ancona. There was a new breed of dangerous humans in the world. The landscape was made of huge, plain parallelepipeds. Hiding wasn’t easy.

I see people from the past, people I didn’t want to see and I wonder if they were the new breed. A humanoid arrives from nowhere, running fast like a dog, his eyes are black. I fight to kill him and I win. I cut his hands and feet in thin slices, and I cement his ears and eyes so that he can’t hear and see from the afterlife.

My parents are sitting at a table, they show me a video of myself when I was a teenager. I tell them I still have the same clothes. They tell me I am a different person. I say I would hate teenager-me, but I take it back as soon as I see my parents pleased by my statement. I tell them that I still take a medicine from back then, they get very worried about how I sourced the medicine, who helped me, if I can inject it properly. 

AI dream #25: irresistible talent, improvised revolutions and snake bites

I was heading to the border between Germany and Austria, I see Munich. I take a photo of the Neuschwanstein Castle, but the photo turns out to be of a wasteland. I am puzzled. I send the photo to my younger brother. I am happy to see my high school German teacher, she is less happy to see me. I understand she likes me but she needs to play the bad cop role.

I find myself somewhere dark, I see a neighbour from when I was a kid. I say hi. She has four kids and she dares me to guess which ones are her kids and which are her brother’s. I suggest I guess their age instead: 3, 9, 12 and 12.

Two snakes bite my ring finger, it swells. I go back to my table (although I wasn’t coming from a table) and I see Clara Popolo, I am so happy to see her! We start cracking the best jokes, we are so hilarious that a camera crew gets close to us. I don’t want to be filmed, I cover my face. The director tells me off and the cameraman starts dancing with his camera while recording.

Big fancy cars pass in front of us and I start booing them, everybody around joins me in a improvised revolution against the bourgeoisie but I soon realise it’s a funeral procession. I tell everybody to stop booing and I wonder what I had against those people in the first place.

AI dream #24: black triangles land

I was in a world made of black triangles. There is a boarder between two countries, the context is a harbour. Android-Tom is in charge of checking my documents. My neighbour Barbara is at least 20 years older, she is mopping the floor of an old building which is supposed to be mine. A kid tries to communicate with me but we don’t speak the same language. I like his hat. There is an arcade game, I want to play but the kid gets in the middle, he is very annoying.

AI dream #23: the peeing panther at the dentists’

Richard, Peter and Danilo are work at a new project about GUI, using a new software. Somehow, the project is also about finding old watches. I listen to their presentation, trying to grasp how it works and see if I could help. The headquarter was in a filthy flat in Soho, the floor was uneven and everything was dusty. It was Francesco’s flat.

I am housesitting somewhere I have never been before. The owners are some family friends, both dentists. I am there with Ljudi. We weren’t told there was a panther in the apartment. It’s time to go to sleep and we discuss what to do with the animal. If we close the bedroom door, it may feel trapped and act crazy. If we leave it open, it may get close to us while we are sleeping. We decide to leave the door open and sleep in the corridor, standing. The point is that the panther will think we are awake.

I fall asleep while standing and the panther wakes me up with gentle but damn scary bites. I try my best to understand what she wanted. Was it the light? Did she want a different room? Did she want a blanket? The more I tried the more she was getting nervous. Finally, I understand she probably needed to pee. I find a balcony, we are now at my grandma’s. The panther pees, standing on the very edge of the balcony. I remember when my grandma and my aunt used to tell me to stay away from the edge of the balcony.

AI dream #22: a wonky fortress for the wife of Bruno Vespa

My brother Diego tells me he has been asked to take care of Bruno Vespa’s wife while they are in town, because she had a face injury. I wonder what’s the connection between the journalist and my brother, and I reckon it must be through football.

The couple is supposed to arrive on a cruise ship and my brother tells a little girl to prepare a room for the lady.

The little girl uses plastic bricks to build what looks like a wonky fortress. I advise Diego to supervise the little girl.

Hello, World!

AI dreamsLuna Cardillidiego
AI dream #21: the sockets are on fire, drop the coffin

At my grandma’s house, the sockets were on fire. I try to extinguish the fire with a bottle of water.

I tell Nicla to call the firefighters, but nobody is listening so I call them. Someone answers my call and tells me the fire is not dangerous and I shouldn’t get worried. I scoff and ask their name. It’s my cousin Jacopo. I ask him if he realises how dangerous the situation is with two old ladies and they’d better hurry.

I tell Zia Sunta not to worry and I show her I am in charge of the situation, because I am extinguishing the fire with my bottle of water.

We are then at my parents house, in what used to be my childhood bedroom. My mom’s sisters help me move a small, white coffin from my bedroom. The handles are made of gold. It’s hard to manoeuvre and I am directing them. Both of them, one after the other, drop the handles. I tell them off and I grab all the handles myself. It’s surprisingly light.

I go back to my grandma’s home and I see a guy from my childhood years, building a burial niche for Zia Sunta. He is doing a messy job and I try to fix it. I ask Nicla if she had thought of covering the raw cement and bricks with some marble. She says now it’s time to fix the mess, then later we’ll think about aesthetics.

AI dream #20: the price is right that never aired

By chance, I meet Cristiana at the supermarket. I borrow her car and drive it with my father.

Someone is organising a tv programme about cooking and tells us to participate, Cristiana and I get bored after a minute and we spend the time chatting. We pay so little attention to the tv programme that we don’t realise the presenter is introducing us to the audience, and we keep chatting.

I find and old newspaper article with a photo of my grandma, holding a telephone in one hand and a cigar in the other. The title goes “Lady from Collemarino answers The Price is Right”. I interpret this as an article about my grandma answering the phone saying “The Price is Right” instead of “Hello”, assuming that it must have made the news back in the days. My father explains to me that she was actually called to take part in the TV show “The Price is Right” but the episode was never aired.

AI dream #19: bargain tiramisu and a tacky Lamborghini

I was walking with Vale and Robi, heading towards via Scosciacavalli, where I knew they were selling tiramisu at €1 per slice.

Then I woke up and I told my dream to Ljudi. When I feel asleep again, I go back in the dream to check if they were actually selling tiramisu at €1.

I have to go through a shop, Ljudi tells me she doesn’t want to say hi to somebody who is having an affair with someone else, she doesn’t want to get involved. Leaving the shop, I notice there is a green Lamborghini parked outside. The plate is BOBJAM. I say “cute!” but Ljudi says it’s not stylish at all. It was tacky, but I liked it anyway.

AI dream #18: the past and the prophecy

Someone is showing me their home.There are at least 5 bedrooms, all with single beds. One of the bathrooms is so big that you feel alone in it. Zia Sunta was there, she was younger, she looked like she used to look in the ‘80. I am so glad to see her alive, we chat and I don’t tell her that she was going to pass away. She shows me a pendant on her necklace, with a date engraved: November 1st, the day she passed. Had she known all along?

AI dream #17: the baby who disappeared in the grapes before a big improvised sale

During a family reunion in Collemarino, we find a new baby. He must have been only a few weeks old. We lose sight of him, but we could feel his presence in a bowl of fruit, particularly in the grapes. I say to my aunt Nicla: we gotta find him. So we go to what seemed to be her old apartment near the main square of Collemarino. She opens the door and the alarm goes off. I try to talk to the guard of the alarm system company, but the speaker is old and I can’t grasp what he is saying.

Hundreds of people enter through the main door and go near a big table where a lot of objects were tidily displayed. They were Nicla’s belongings. She looks at me, questioning me with her eyes on what we were supposed to do. Solution: we start shouting “everything is on sale for €2!” And we laugh.