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AI dream #28: penises, design complaints and FOMO.

I am at a TED conference. The person on stage is wearing a necklace with a massive boner as pendant. He says that there is one for each of us and he invites the audience to get on stage to get one necklace. When on stage, I feel self aware about wearing a giant penis on my neck, and I refuse to take one. When turning to leave, I see the TED stage from the point of view of the speaker. What an unusual sight! I take it all in and I feel the desire to be on stage myself one day.

Outside, people are distributing a black and white fanzine. I recognise the logo of We The Curious, but the content doesn’t make sense, as it’s a series of comic strips by design students. I wonder if I should have been in there, if I am missing out.

People everywhere. It’s hard to leave. It’s hot. The surface of the narrow walking path is a constellation of small fountains that randomly activate and squirt water up in the air while you are walking. Staying dry is impossible and I think to myself what a bad design.