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Posts tagged stage
AI dream #28: penises, design complaints and FOMO.

I am at a TED conference. The person on stage is wearing a necklace with a massive boner as pendant. He says that there is one for each of us and he invites the audience to get on stage to get one necklace. When on stage, I feel self aware about wearing a giant penis on my neck, and I refuse to take one. When turning to leave, I see the TED stage from the point of view of the speaker. What an unusual sight! I take it all in and I feel the desire to be on stage myself one day.

Outside, people are distributing a black and white fanzine. I recognise the logo of We The Curious, but the content doesn’t make sense, as it’s a series of comic strips by design students. I wonder if I should have been in there, if I am missing out.

People everywhere. It’s hard to leave. It’s hot. The surface of the narrow walking path is a constellation of small fountains that randomly activate and squirt water up in the air while you are walking. Staying dry is impossible and I think to myself what a bad design.

AI dream #25: irresistible talent, improvised revolutions and snake bites

I was heading to the border between Germany and Austria, I see Munich. I take a photo of the Neuschwanstein Castle, but the photo turns out to be of a wasteland. I am puzzled. I send the photo to my younger brother. I am happy to see my high school German teacher, she is less happy to see me. I understand she likes me but she needs to play the bad cop role.

I find myself somewhere dark, I see a neighbour from when I was a kid. I say hi. She has four kids and she dares me to guess which ones are her kids and which are her brother’s. I suggest I guess their age instead: 3, 9, 12 and 12.

Two snakes bite my ring finger, it swells. I go back to my table (although I wasn’t coming from a table) and I see Clara Popolo, I am so happy to see her! We start cracking the best jokes, we are so hilarious that a camera crew gets close to us. I don’t want to be filmed, I cover my face. The director tells me off and the cameraman starts dancing with his camera while recording.

Big fancy cars pass in front of us and I start booing them, everybody around joins me in a improvised revolution against the bourgeoisie but I soon realise it’s a funeral procession. I tell everybody to stop booing and I wonder what I had against those people in the first place.

AI dream #20: the price is right that never aired

By chance, I meet Cristiana at the supermarket. I borrow her car and drive it with my father.

Someone is organising a tv programme about cooking and tells us to participate, Cristiana and I get bored after a minute and we spend the time chatting. We pay so little attention to the tv programme that we don’t realise the presenter is introducing us to the audience, and we keep chatting.

I find and old newspaper article with a photo of my grandma, holding a telephone in one hand and a cigar in the other. The title goes β€œLady from Collemarino answers The Price is Right”. I interpret this as an article about my grandma answering the phone saying β€œThe Price is Right” instead of β€œHello”, assuming that it must have made the news back in the days. My father explains to me that she was actually called to take part in the TV show β€œThe Price is Right” but the episode was never aired.

AI dream #15: hip hop Vivaldi. Breaking in for hygiene anxiety

In a narrow room, I was dancing Vivaldi on a hip hop base. My feet were moving so fast, I was impressed with myself. Flavia, who despises me, compliments my improved dancing skills.

It’s raining outside and when I look outside the window, I see an apartment full of sheep and I get anxious about the hygiene standards of that flat, so much that I break in. To my surprise, all the surfaces were clean. I realise that I have to get out without getting caught.