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Unbranding Manifesto.

unbranding manifesto.gif
Columbus Unbranded, lunamargherita 2016

Columbus Unbranded, lunamargherita 2016

This is an open Manifesto. It’s an attempt to open new ways of thinking, sharing and producing content in the social media age.  Add your thoughts.
Share it. Break it. Change it.

Humans are not brands.
Humans shouldn’t follow branding rules.
Humans are more than brands.

Consistency is overrated.

Consistency is not regarded as a virtue.
Brands believe in consistency to be recognisable.
Humans who want to embrace inconsistency and start exploring unknown territories, will sacrifice recognisability in favour of variety.
Those humans will be #unbranding.

Unbranding promotes a naïf, unsophisticated approach, a more experimental way of being.


While unbranding, humans allow themselves to explore behaviours and new forms of expression.
The unbranded person will put every effort into trying to make purely adventurous decisions. They will not allow previous choices, education, social and cultural contexts to affect their actions. An unbranded person will introspectively realise what is the less walked path and will pave the way.
The unbranded person is not scared of abrupt changes of direction.Unbranding is also trusting the voices in your mind less and less. Unexpected behaviours are welcome.
As a general rule for new unbranders, take the path that you wouldn’t usually take. The use of maps is not encouraged.


The unbranded person acts.
The unbranded person acts lead by a pure sense of exploration.
The unbranded person acts lead by a pure sense of exploration and will change direction if needed.

The total state of unbranding can never be reached, it’s a lifelong quest.

Between listening and talking, unbranding is silence.
Between listening and talking, unbranding is silence especially when the spoken word feeds the ego.
In fact, a good habit to start unbranding is to remain silent especially when we know the answer to a question.
Shut up. Unbrand.

Wrong, is a place.

Unbranding is being possibly wrong and realise that ‘wrong’ is just another place.


Unbranding is ordering food at the restaurant by randomly pointing at something on the menu.
Unbranding is letting the haters hate and the critics, critique. Your role is that of the creator, the leader, the generator.
Unbranding is publish first, and edit later.

The Unbranding Manifesto originally appeared on  Medium 👈🏿

Luna Cardilli