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AI Dream #35 - Faster than the army, worse than 2004.

I am running with an army platoon.
Some of them are very impolite and I take pride in being faster than them.

I get to the Ancona’s neighbourhood Gli Archi where Lucia Mascino welcomes me and asks me to move there.

She likes my jeans.
She says it’s a model from 2004, what she considers being a great year, much better than any other year. 


Faster than the army, worse than 2004.

AI dream #25: irresistible talent, improvised revolutions and snake bites

I was heading to the border between Germany and Austria, I see Munich. I take a photo of the Neuschwanstein Castle, but the photo turns out to be of a wasteland. I am puzzled. I send the photo to my younger brother. I am happy to see my high school German teacher, she is less happy to see me. I understand she likes me but she needs to play the bad cop role.

I find myself somewhere dark, I see a neighbour from when I was a kid. I say hi. She has four kids and she dares me to guess which ones are her kids and which are her brother’s. I suggest I guess their age instead: 3, 9, 12 and 12.

Two snakes bite my ring finger, it swells. I go back to my table (although I wasn’t coming from a table) and I see Clara Popolo, I am so happy to see her! We start cracking the best jokes, we are so hilarious that a camera crew gets close to us. I don’t want to be filmed, I cover my face. The director tells me off and the cameraman starts dancing with his camera while recording.

Big fancy cars pass in front of us and I start booing them, everybody around joins me in a improvised revolution against the bourgeoisie but I soon realise it’s a funeral procession. I tell everybody to stop booing and I wonder what I had against those people in the first place.

AI dream #4: the gigantic bold toddler who pitched an useless app

The tall bold man was actually a giant toddler who could speak.
He was showing me his phone, a model I had never seen before. He was trying to convince me to use an app to keep messages in threads. I couldn’t see the innovation.
He tells me to dial 2108.
He lies down on the three-legged bed, and I see that his skull is open.
It was not a nice view.

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