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AI Dream #36 - Marina Abramovic moves to Italy.

Marina Abramovic moves to a small town in Italy.
She has complete use of the main square, they built for her a tall, transparent three sided cage made of glass, attached to a mechanism at the centre of the square which makes the cage move in a circular way.
Fixed at the centre, the cage moves around the edges of the square, in one big circular movement.
Marina Abramovic is naked inside the triangular cage, there is enough room just for her body, and she is forced to walk, 24/7.
If she tries to stop, she would stumble inside the small cage.

I wonder why she did it and how the people of the small village would react at such view.

The asphalt is broken and I can see that someone hid a poster below the first layer of asphalt.
I pull out the poster, doing a favour to someone from my past who I don’t want to see.


Marina Abramovic moves to Italy

AI dream #12: the night I got locked up to an open air prison with Lady Gaga

I am having dinner with Donatella Versace, who quickly gets bored of me. I think β€œfair enough, I don’t even understand what you are saying”. Lady Gaga enters the room, a bit agitated. I get close to her and I happily introduce myself while telling her to calm down, because it’s going to be a great night. Katy Perry enters the room. Gaga attacks her.

I find myself locked in an outdoor jail in the countryside, with Gaga. The reason for our lock up is her attack to Katy Perry, of which I have little memory. Despite the absence of any walls, we still cannot leave. A guard gets close to me and hides a note under a rock. I read it in secret, knowing that Gaga would have freaked out seeing me reading it.

AI dream #11: the orphanage where I shot Lea DeLaria

I am in an orphanage with 12 black kids, they are tearing their hair out. Lea DeLaria enters the room and walks toward me, with a threatening look. I shoot her, but I realise soon that I am shooting blanks. I have so many bullets, all useless.

Change of scene. A male adult, a teenager boy and an infant girl share a single bed. The adult and the teenager have a wet dream and when they wake up their sperm goes on the kid pyjamas. I observe the scene from up above.

AI dream #8: save the unknown mobster

Tina fey had a horse, I would brush him while she was resting in a small bed. The horse was not used to having other people around.

In a small overcrowded village someone gives me the chore of injecting a powerful medicine in the gum of a mobster. I have to find him in a nearby hospital, t's so challenging to walk with the syringe and not sting any people nor spilling the liquid. I find the hospital, it's almost abandoned, how will I recognise the mobster?