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AI Dream #34 - One friend dies, one is from outer space.

Marco Principi dies of something stomach related.
I had a previous appointment with his partner and I am looking forward to it, because I feel the pain she must be in.
Suddenly I realise that their flat was in front of our flat and we could have waved at each other from the window all along.
What happened to us, people, that we are so close and we don’t spend time with each other?
As soon as I think this thought, her flat changes and it becomes an intricate structure merged with all the other flats and for me is virtually impossible to see her now.

I find out I had been signed up to a workshops about β€œsides”. My friend Franz, who looks like coming from outer space and has millions of grey hair, tells me that one of the teachers is not that good.
We discover a new feature that allows citizens to see the Facebook updates of people they know, projected outside their homes.
Immediately I lose my attention and I start reading Facebook updates, one in particular is about the hairstyle of male runners, which has shifted from blonde to bold.

It’s raining. My attention is back, I pity myself for wasting time reading updates. I am about to meet Maria, Marco’s partner.
The rain reminds me of the last photo of him that I saw, taken during a rainy day: he was wearing a bright towel on his head, sitting in a yoga pose on a table, laughing.
Choose the positive side of things, that was the point he was making.
Remembering it, makes me cry.


One friend dies, one is from outer space.