Hello. My name is Luna and I explore the intersection between technology, creativity and art.


TED2019 Vancouver

Hand drawn animations for Beau Lotto’s latest TED talk in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil at TED 2019 in Vancouver.
Waiting for the video of the talk to be published on TED, enjoy a selection of the animations.

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AI dreams

Authentic, old school, human dreams narrated by a digitally created voice, that thanks to outstanding use of Artificial Intelligence resembles my real human voice.
The audio is then added to Anchor, which through speech recognition translates the AI dream karaoke-style video.

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Deep emoji

We now live in a world where algorithms understand our emotions better than we can express how we feel. Deep Emoji reveals the grotesque and dream-like world born in the intersection between two systems in evolution: human digital communication and algorithmic sentiment analysis.

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Interview w/ Adobe

On bridging the creative gap between desktop and mobile

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Unbranding Manifesto

This is an open Manifesto. It’s an attempt to open new ways of thinking, sharing and producing content in the social media age.  Add your thoughts.
Share it. Break it. Change it.

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