AI Dreams

1. dream a dream, and write it on Lyrebird*
2. the AI created voice* reads the dream
3. upload the audio on Anchor, get the video transcription
4. share it on Twitter




AI Dreams

Knowing ourselves

For decades Westerners have tried to understand their own nature by confessing their deepest truths, thoughts and dreams to psychotherapists. Following the quest of knowing myself, I have spent a third of my life in different kind of therapies. Today, social networks know more about ourselves than our friends, colleagues even spouses. There is something into pouring our thoughts online and interacting with online content that makes the seemingly innocuous social networks more human than human. Algorithms that we cannot fully understand because of their artificial intelligence nature, are better capable than humans in categorising us, into predicting what makes us take action, what makes us click.
My relationship with social media is broken since it became clear that creating content meant doing free work in exchange for a little bit of visibility, connection and the fullfilment of simple narcissistic needs. I am much happier spending my time in other ways, and I haven't felt left out in the years I have spent consciously not using social media for entertainment.
However, I am increasingly fascinated by social networks and I wonder how they see me. A part of me also feels compelled to mess with them.

what if social network had access to the purest voice of my subconscious, namely my dreams?

Social network, subconscious, fake news

So what if social network had access to the purest voice of my subconscious, namely my dreams?
And what if the dreams were narrated by an artificially created voice, that truly sounds like me - regional accent included - and that will outlive me, in the same way that our social network accounts outlive us?
In the age of fake news, what does it mean to have the deepest thoughts, fears and desires, in the form of dreams, shared by a digital copy of your own voice that anybody can create? I don't know. The question is open.

Old school human dreams dreamed by my human brain, then narrated by my AI voice, transcribed on Anchor, shared on Twitter, embedded and archived here.
My AI voice is created thanks to and it really sounds like me.



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