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Posts tagged dystopia
AI Dream #34 - One friend dies, one is from outer space.

Marco Principi dies of something stomach related.
I had a previous appointment with his partner and I am looking forward to it, because I feel the pain she must be in.
Suddenly I realise that their flat was in front of our flat and we could have waved at each other from the window all along.
What happened to us, people, that we are so close and we don’t spend time with each other?
As soon as I think this thought, her flat changes and it becomes an intricate structure merged with all the other flats and for me is virtually impossible to see her now.

I find out I had been signed up to a workshops about “sides”. My friend Franz, who looks like coming from outer space and has millions of grey hair, tells me that one of the teachers is not that good.
We discover a new feature that allows citizens to see the Facebook updates of people they know, projected outside their homes.
Immediately I lose my attention and I start reading Facebook updates, one in particular is about the hairstyle of male runners, which has shifted from blonde to bold.

It’s raining. My attention is back, I pity myself for wasting time reading updates. I am about to meet Maria, Marco’s partner.
The rain reminds me of the last photo of him that I saw, taken during a rainy day: he was wearing a bright towel on his head, sitting in a yoga pose on a table, laughing.
Choose the positive side of things, that was the point he was making.
Remembering it, makes me cry.


One friend dies, one is from outer space.

AI dream #31 - A dystopian society where social media is people’s memories, ID and money.

It was some kind of anniversary for my parents. My brother in law suggests me to go get them some flowers. I go. I am in an elevator at the 50th floor. The floor numbers start changing crazily. I am aware of my surroundings, my senses are finely tuned on the world around me. Something is about to happen. The police escorts me out of the elevator and deletes all my social media accounts, which in that world also counted as proof of identity and money. It’s just a matter of minutes before I start forgetting who I am. Desperately I repeat all that is left in my memory, trying to make the memories stick.

I am now an outcast and while my case is discussed by the authorities, I have to do odd jobs to survive. One job is to help someone at the airport dispose of some luggages. I wasn’t supposed to ask any questions. I am told one luggage has a dead tiger inside and near another one I see a white rabbit. I go with my dodgy supervisor to a clinic, unaware of the reason behind our small trip. A doctor recognises my supervisor and to buy him some time to come up with a fake name and a story, I ask the doctor what is that thing in front of me that looks a lot like little rabbits coming out of mushrooms.

AI dream #26: a new human breed. Cement their years if you kill them

I was in an abandoned area near Ancona. There was a new breed of dangerous humans in the world. The landscape was made of huge, plain parallelepipeds. Hiding wasn’t easy.

I see people from the past, people I didn’t want to see and I wonder if they were the new breed. A humanoid arrives from nowhere, running fast like a dog, his eyes are black. I fight to kill him and I win. I cut his hands and feet in thin slices, and I cement his ears and eyes so that he can’t hear and see from the afterlife.

My parents are sitting at a table, they show me a video of myself when I was a teenager. I tell them I still have the same clothes. They tell me I am a different person. I say I would hate teenager-me, but I take it back as soon as I see my parents pleased by my statement. I tell them that I still take a medicine from back then, they get very worried about how I sourced the medicine, who helped me, if I can inject it properly. 

AI dream #5: the end of time and space

I am inside a tower with high ceilings, in one of the top floors.
I am on the phone with a silent but judgemental man and an annoying lady from New York, we are supposed to work on something together but they act as if my team is not good enough.

We mistakenly thought the client was TJ Maxx. It actually was a mining company, therefore our pitch was totally irrelevant.
It’s so hard for me to talk, that I decide to eat a chandelier made of ice. That makes things better.

People from the south gather around me and open a huge window, revealing the dark and shady world around us.
What happened to Earth?
I walk away to go figure it out and as I turn the corner to enter a corridor… I see the New York people from the call. We are still on the phone. I am shocked.
The space was melting, distances didn’t matter anymore.