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AI dream #30: fight for your pizza rights. Strangers in my mouth.

I ask a pizza guy to swap the salami for anchovies. He says he cannot do it, because he has just started the job. I tell him that it’s in his rights to swap ingredients and he finally agrees with one condition: I have to open the anchovies can. The can is the tiniest I have ever seen, I make a mess with the oil, it goes everywhere on the counter.

Two people get closer, they ask me if I am a friend of someone called Ida. I say no. They insist, they say I must know Ida because I was near the pizza. There’s no logic. They touch my face and they put their hands in my mouth. I try to fight them with a plastic fork. I lose my memory. I find myself sitting at a table, my friend Vale is sitting a few seats away from me. She is blond. Is she sitting there waiting for me to get her the pizza? I tell her that I have lost my memory and it must be something related to some people who were asking me about someone called Ida.