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Posts tagged revelation
AI Dream #34 - One friend dies, one is from outer space.

Marco Principi dies of something stomach related.
I had a previous appointment with his partner and I am looking forward to it, because I feel the pain she must be in.
Suddenly I realise that their flat was in front of our flat and we could have waved at each other from the window all along.
What happened to us, people, that we are so close and we don’t spend time with each other?
As soon as I think this thought, her flat changes and it becomes an intricate structure merged with all the other flats and for me is virtually impossible to see her now.

I find out I had been signed up to a workshops about “sides”. My friend Franz, who looks like coming from outer space and has millions of grey hair, tells me that one of the teachers is not that good.
We discover a new feature that allows citizens to see the Facebook updates of people they know, projected outside their homes.
Immediately I lose my attention and I start reading Facebook updates, one in particular is about the hairstyle of male runners, which has shifted from blonde to bold.

It’s raining. My attention is back, I pity myself for wasting time reading updates. I am about to meet Maria, Marco’s partner.
The rain reminds me of the last photo of him that I saw, taken during a rainy day: he was wearing a bright towel on his head, sitting in a yoga pose on a table, laughing.
Choose the positive side of things, that was the point he was making.
Remembering it, makes me cry.


One friend dies, one is from outer space.

AI dream #29: the navel sense of self.

I find myself in a mysterious place, where people’s perception and sense of self was not in the head, somewhere behind the eyes, but in the navel. For a few moments I can perceive as they do, and I literally see from my navel and I feel as my own sense of self is somewhere there.
It’s different.
I wonder why we perceive from behind the eyes and I receive a visual answer of a blue smoke mixed with a purple smoke.

AI dream #18: the past and the prophecy

Someone is showing me their home.There are at least 5 bedrooms, all with single beds. One of the bathrooms is so big that you feel alone in it. Zia Sunta was there, she was younger, she looked like she used to look in the ‘80. I am so glad to see her alive, we chat and I don’t tell her that she was going to pass away. She shows me a pendant on her necklace, with a date engraved: November 1st, the day she passed. Had she known all along?

AI dream #16: a new truth and a bad sun stroke

I was back in my hometown, wearing high heels and a towel. We pass through an electronics exhibition and I play with a giant TV screen with a really bad resolution. It’s supposed to be used in meetings. You need a big room for that.

To go to the second floor of a building, I need to pass through a narrow entrance between two thick pieces of glass. It’s so hard and I almost lose my towel. I look around me while struggling, and I see the people from my teenage years. I become alert.

Once I manage to enter, I see a long table on the right and a group of people sitting in a large circle on the left. I try to reach the toilet by walking across the circle of people. I fall. I enter the toilet, I realise the towel is completely dirty and my skin is ruined from a bad sun stroke.

Layers of skin are falling down and I realise I am in my teenage years. I don’t want to leave the toilet. I wonder what to do and I am mad at myself. There’s a new truth in me: I am there to see that I needed strong adult women to contain me and my behaviour.

AI dream #1: a bike ride with the accountant to the heads of God

Near the river, there was a magic amusement park. Flying machines would hover on water, passengers screaming with joy and awe.

We have an appointment with our new accountant, he is badly tanned, must be 70 years old but his wife is way younger, at least according to the picture. He looks funny.
The appointment is at one of our clients’ offices, I empty the washing machine.
Our clients and the accountant decide to go for a bike ride. With my bike. The accountant almost falls, because of the saddle not properly fitted, he got to be responsible for his own actions.

We are on a bridge. I try to fix the saddle. If I could only pull that screw.

A guy with a red shirt and a dark hat comes close to me, does he want to help? I tell him clearly that I only accepts sincere help, although he seems to be cool with the idea, I know that he has second goals.

Someone else is coming close. I cry for help, but there’s only people under the bridge. I jump.
There are two kids, I follow them running, they tell me there is good people that sing. The kids reassure me they only want to sing. I tell them to bring me to them.

We get to a half hidden and dark room, on the floor I see a dozen blonde heads, very pale skin, laying down with minuscule bodies. They are indeed singing. Each of them is lying in a sleeping bag of different colours. They are happy I am there.
I have never seen such thing. 

Their eyes become coloured illustrations, now a tv, now a rainbow. They look very serious, but they are clearly god. Pure. Their bodies are almost nonexistent.
I am safe.
They are safe.
They keep singing.