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Posts tagged threat
AI dream #31 - A dystopian society where social media is people’s memories, ID and money.

It was some kind of anniversary for my parents. My brother in law suggests me to go get them some flowers. I go. I am in an elevator at the 50th floor. The floor numbers start changing crazily. I am aware of my surroundings, my senses are finely tuned on the world around me. Something is about to happen. The police escorts me out of the elevator and deletes all my social media accounts, which in that world also counted as proof of identity and money. It’s just a matter of minutes before I start forgetting who I am. Desperately I repeat all that is left in my memory, trying to make the memories stick.

I am now an outcast and while my case is discussed by the authorities, I have to do odd jobs to survive. One job is to help someone at the airport dispose of some luggages. I wasn’t supposed to ask any questions. I am told one luggage has a dead tiger inside and near another one I see a white rabbit. I go with my dodgy supervisor to a clinic, unaware of the reason behind our small trip. A doctor recognises my supervisor and to buy him some time to come up with a fake name and a story, I ask the doctor what is that thing in front of me that looks a lot like little rabbits coming out of mushrooms.

AI dream #30: fight for your pizza rights. Strangers in my mouth.

I ask a pizza guy to swap the salami for anchovies. He says he cannot do it, because he has just started the job. I tell him that it’s in his rights to swap ingredients and he finally agrees with one condition: I have to open the anchovies can. The can is the tiniest I have ever seen, I make a mess with the oil, it goes everywhere on the counter.

Two people get closer, they ask me if I am a friend of someone called Ida. I say no. They insist, they say I must know Ida because I was near the pizza. There’s no logic. They touch my face and they put their hands in my mouth. I try to fight them with a plastic fork. I lose my memory. I find myself sitting at a table, my friend Vale is sitting a few seats away from me. She is blond. Is she sitting there waiting for me to get her the pizza? I tell her that I have lost my memory and it must be something related to some people who were asking me about someone called Ida.

AI dream #26: a new human breed. Cement their years if you kill them

I was in an abandoned area near Ancona. There was a new breed of dangerous humans in the world. The landscape was made of huge, plain parallelepipeds. Hiding wasn’t easy.

I see people from the past, people I didn’t want to see and I wonder if they were the new breed. A humanoid arrives from nowhere, running fast like a dog, his eyes are black. I fight to kill him and I win. I cut his hands and feet in thin slices, and I cement his ears and eyes so that he can’t hear and see from the afterlife.

My parents are sitting at a table, they show me a video of myself when I was a teenager. I tell them I still have the same clothes. They tell me I am a different person. I say I would hate teenager-me, but I take it back as soon as I see my parents pleased by my statement. I tell them that I still take a medicine from back then, they get very worried about how I sourced the medicine, who helped me, if I can inject it properly. 

AI dream #23: the peeing panther at the dentists’

Richard, Peter and Danilo are work at a new project about GUI, using a new software. Somehow, the project is also about finding old watches. I listen to their presentation, trying to grasp how it works and see if I could help. The headquarter was in a filthy flat in Soho, the floor was uneven and everything was dusty. It was Francesco’s flat.

I am housesitting somewhere I have never been before. The owners are some family friends, both dentists. I am there with Ljudi. We weren’t told there was a panther in the apartment. It’s time to go to sleep and we discuss what to do with the animal. If we close the bedroom door, it may feel trapped and act crazy. If we leave it open, it may get close to us while we are sleeping. We decide to leave the door open and sleep in the corridor, standing. The point is that the panther will think we are awake.

I fall asleep while standing and the panther wakes me up with gentle but damn scary bites. I try my best to understand what she wanted. Was it the light? Did she want a different room? Did she want a blanket? The more I tried the more she was getting nervous. Finally, I understand she probably needed to pee. I find a balcony, we are now at my grandma’s. The panther pees, standing on the very edge of the balcony. I remember when my grandma and my aunt used to tell me to stay away from the edge of the balcony.

AI dream #11: the orphanage where I shot Lea DeLaria

I am in an orphanage with 12 black kids, they are tearing their hair out. Lea DeLaria enters the room and walks toward me, with a threatening look. I shoot her, but I realise soon that I am shooting blanks. I have so many bullets, all useless.

Change of scene. A male adult, a teenager boy and an infant girl share a single bed. The adult and the teenager have a wet dream and when they wake up their sperm goes on the kid pyjamas. I observe the scene from up above.

AI dream #7: Mother. Family. Neighbours. One stranger, the police, two small persons.

My family and my cousin are sitting at a table, we all have to say a nice thing about the person sitting on our right. My mother keeps interrupting and we all laugh. My brother joins us and tell my other brother he should drink less.

The police breaks in to my neighbours’ home, crashing open their patio door. An old Indian lady tries to enter my home, but I don’t let her in because she was having a mental breakdown. Two midgets show their genitals under a glass table.

Apologies for the use of "midgets", which I have learned in some cases could be perceived as offensive.

AI dream #1: a bike ride with the accountant to the heads of God

Near the river, there was a magic amusement park. Flying machines would hover on water, passengers screaming with joy and awe.

We have an appointment with our new accountant, he is badly tanned, must be 70 years old but his wife is way younger, at least according to the picture. He looks funny.
The appointment is at one of our clients’ offices, I empty the washing machine.
Our clients and the accountant decide to go for a bike ride. With my bike. The accountant almost falls, because of the saddle not properly fitted, he got to be responsible for his own actions.

We are on a bridge. I try to fix the saddle. If I could only pull that screw.

A guy with a red shirt and a dark hat comes close to me, does he want to help? I tell him clearly that I only accepts sincere help, although he seems to be cool with the idea, I know that he has second goals.

Someone else is coming close. I cry for help, but there’s only people under the bridge. I jump.
There are two kids, I follow them running, they tell me there is good people that sing. The kids reassure me they only want to sing. I tell them to bring me to them.

We get to a half hidden and dark room, on the floor I see a dozen blonde heads, very pale skin, laying down with minuscule bodies. They are indeed singing. Each of them is lying in a sleeping bag of different colours. They are happy I am there.
I have never seen such thing. 

Their eyes become coloured illustrations, now a tv, now a rainbow. They look very serious, but they are clearly god. Pure. Their bodies are almost nonexistent.
I am safe.
They are safe.
They keep singing.