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AI dream #28: penises, design complaints and FOMO.

I am at a TED conference. The person on stage is wearing a necklace with a massive boner as pendant. He says that there is one for each of us and he invites the audience to get on stage to get one necklace. When on stage, I feel self aware about wearing a giant penis on my neck, and I refuse to take one. When turning to leave, I see the TED stage from the point of view of the speaker. What an unusual sight! I take it all in and I feel the desire to be on stage myself one day.

Outside, people are distributing a black and white fanzine. I recognise the logo of We The Curious, but the content doesn’t make sense, as it’s a series of comic strips by design students. I wonder if I should have been in there, if I am missing out.

People everywhere. It’s hard to leave. It’s hot. The surface of the narrow walking path is a constellation of small fountains that randomly activate and squirt water up in the air while you are walking. Staying dry is impossible and I think to myself what a bad design.

AI dream #17: the baby who disappeared in the grapes before a big improvised sale

During a family reunion in Collemarino, we find a new baby. He must have been only a few weeks old. We lose sight of him, but we could feel his presence in a bowl of fruit, particularly in the grapes. I say to my aunt Nicla: we gotta find him. So we go to what seemed to be her old apartment near the main square of Collemarino. She opens the door and the alarm goes off. I try to talk to the guard of the alarm system company, but the speaker is old and I can’t grasp what he is saying.

Hundreds of people enter through the main door and go near a big table where a lot of objects were tidily displayed. They were Nicla’s belongings. She looks at me, questioning me with her eyes on what we were supposed to do. Solution: we start shouting “everything is on sale for €2!” And we laugh.

AI dream #16: a new truth and a bad sun stroke

I was back in my hometown, wearing high heels and a towel. We pass through an electronics exhibition and I play with a giant TV screen with a really bad resolution. It’s supposed to be used in meetings. You need a big room for that.

To go to the second floor of a building, I need to pass through a narrow entrance between two thick pieces of glass. It’s so hard and I almost lose my towel. I look around me while struggling, and I see the people from my teenage years. I become alert.

Once I manage to enter, I see a long table on the right and a group of people sitting in a large circle on the left. I try to reach the toilet by walking across the circle of people. I fall. I enter the toilet, I realise the towel is completely dirty and my skin is ruined from a bad sun stroke.

Layers of skin are falling down and I realise I am in my teenage years. I don’t want to leave the toilet. I wonder what to do and I am mad at myself. There’s a new truth in me: I am there to see that I needed strong adult women to contain me and my behaviour.

AI dream #14: it’s raining snowboarders

My father and I were at some retreat with loads of people wearing white. We end up in a very small room where we were invited to perform parkour moves, one at a time. He wasn’t feeling well, so we leave the room right after watching someone perform.

We end up in a room on top of a high tree, it was raining and the roof was leaking. People were banqueting, the atmosphere was dark.

I find myself against a stream of people running towards me in running gear. It’s all very confusing and it gets worst when people wearing snowboarding gear start falling from the sky all around me. Some of them land and start snowboarding, the vast majority of them die. 

AI dream #9: the falling aunt, the toy Lamborghini and the left wing dead man

I buy three tiny and powerful cars for my grandparents, with a spacious trunk. They are happy driving. My aunt could finally walk, she decides to climb a rock by the sea, with no balustrade, she is staggering and falls while I tell her to grab something to avoid falling. She falls from a huge height but she manages to stand back up and limping, she walks away. What a relief.

I am in a big school with a bar where you could drink. I go to the toilet, all the doors are broken and you could hear people chatting from one toilet to the other.

There’s a tiny toy Lamborghini…it works! I decide to use it. As soon as I hit the road, people surround my Lambo at each traffic light, it’s impossible to drive it. I decide that I’m not gonna buy it.

I end up in a house with Sergio Marcelli, who complains about ammonium traces in the toilet. He is smartly dressed, he was going at his father’s funeral. He prepares a sandwich with tuna and beans, I have some with him. I listen to him telling me the story of his father, a left wing labourer who used to work 14 hours a day.

AI dream #8: save the unknown mobster

Tina fey had a horse, I would brush him while she was resting in a small bed. The horse was not used to having other people around.

In a small overcrowded village someone gives me the chore of injecting a powerful medicine in the gum of a mobster. I have to find him in a nearby hospital, t's so challenging to walk with the syringe and not sting any people nor spilling the liquid. I find the hospital, it's almost abandoned, how will I recognise the mobster?

AI dream #3: the future of bike parking, and autocorrecting laughter

My friends' toddlers are fighting, even though they barely can make sounds. I wonder what's the urge to fight, what instinct is driving them.

We all go to a fancy hotel where we try to park our bikes. The standards are quite high, in fact, someone is showing me a new and safe way to park bicycles.
It's a bit time consuming, but who wants their bike stolen?

Dozens of people gather around me.
I gaze at a hill in front of me, when a train slowly comes on top of the hill, from left to right. The sides of the wagons towards me are open and I can see the inside. Each wagon is a room of someone's home!!!
One of them is Olive Oyl's home. Popeye's girlfriend.
I find it hilarious and start laughing so hard, that everybody is looking at me.
I keep laughing while looking at how to autocorrect "ahaha" on my phone.

AI dream #2: my washing machine is an Arab engine, I’ll speak Italian

The gynaecologist I chose was totally unprofessional but absolutely funny. She was, as the accountant of the past dream, tanned.

A huge private jet with Arab writings on the side arrives. The cabin crew should be more careful, they are too close to the engines. One of the engines is my washing machine. 

In a room full of my fellow students of all the schools I have been, someone asks me to speak Italian and they would reply back to me saying all the Italian words they'd' knew. It was hilarious.

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