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Posts tagged alternate universe
AI Dream #36 - Marina Abramovic moves to Italy.

Marina Abramovic moves to a small town in Italy.
She has complete use of the main square, they built for her a tall, transparent three sided cage made of glass, attached to a mechanism at the centre of the square which makes the cage move in a circular way.
Fixed at the centre, the cage moves around the edges of the square, in one big circular movement.
Marina Abramovic is naked inside the triangular cage, there is enough room just for her body, and she is forced to walk, 24/7.
If she tries to stop, she would stumble inside the small cage.

I wonder why she did it and how the people of the small village would react at such view.

The asphalt is broken and I can see that someone hid a poster below the first layer of asphalt.
I pull out the poster, doing a favour to someone from my past who I don’t want to see.


Marina Abramovic moves to Italy

AI dream #29: the navel sense of self.

I find myself in a mysterious place, where people’s perception and sense of self was not in the head, somewhere behind the eyes, but in the navel. For a few moments I can perceive as they do, and I literally see from my navel and I feel as my own sense of self is somewhere there.
It’s different.
I wonder why we perceive from behind the eyes and I receive a visual answer of a blue smoke mixed with a purple smoke.

AI dream #27: the kinetic inconsistencies between the desert and the North Pole

Walking through the desert, I suddenly get to the North Pole. What a view! It’s immense and white. A giant piece of ice rolls next to me, it must be heavy but it moves as if it’s as light as fresh snow.

I wish I could tell my family that I am in the North Pole.

On the border between the desert and the north pole, there are some abandoned cathedrals. I try to photograph them from an interesting perspective where I can frame two buildings, but as soon as I look through the lens, my body rotates and revolves and I find myself upside down.

AI dream #26: a new human breed. Cement their years if you kill them

I was in an abandoned area near Ancona. There was a new breed of dangerous humans in the world. The landscape was made of huge, plain parallelepipeds. Hiding wasn’t easy.

I see people from the past, people I didn’t want to see and I wonder if they were the new breed. A humanoid arrives from nowhere, running fast like a dog, his eyes are black. I fight to kill him and I win. I cut his hands and feet in thin slices, and I cement his ears and eyes so that he can’t hear and see from the afterlife.

My parents are sitting at a table, they show me a video of myself when I was a teenager. I tell them I still have the same clothes. They tell me I am a different person. I say I would hate teenager-me, but I take it back as soon as I see my parents pleased by my statement. I tell them that I still take a medicine from back then, they get very worried about how I sourced the medicine, who helped me, if I can inject it properly. 

AI dream #24: black triangles land

I was in a world made of black triangles. There is a boarder between two countries, the context is a harbour. Android-Tom is in charge of checking my documents. My neighbour Barbara is at least 20 years older, she is mopping the floor of an old building which is supposed to be mine. A kid tries to communicate with me but we don’t speak the same language. I like his hat. There is an arcade game, I want to play but the kid gets in the middle, he is very annoying.

AI dream #14: it’s raining snowboarders

My father and I were at some retreat with loads of people wearing white. We end up in a very small room where we were invited to perform parkour moves, one at a time. He wasn’t feeling well, so we leave the room right after watching someone perform.

We end up in a room on top of a high tree, it was raining and the roof was leaking. People were banqueting, the atmosphere was dark.

I find myself against a stream of people running towards me in running gear. It’s all very confusing and it gets worst when people wearing snowboarding gear start falling from the sky all around me. Some of them land and start snowboarding, the vast majority of them die. 

AI dream #6: the guardian of the landscape and the smallest shrimp

I was given the chance to cut some rocks on the sea, and generally rearrange the landscape. I proposed some windows.

A guardian of the area told me I had to become acquainted with the fauna. That’s when he places in my hand the smallest shrimp I have ever seen.

AI dream #5: the end of time and space

I am inside a tower with high ceilings, in one of the top floors.
I am on the phone with a silent but judgemental man and an annoying lady from New York, we are supposed to work on something together but they act as if my team is not good enough.

We mistakenly thought the client was TJ Maxx. It actually was a mining company, therefore our pitch was totally irrelevant.
It’s so hard for me to talk, that I decide to eat a chandelier made of ice. That makes things better.

People from the south gather around me and open a huge window, revealing the dark and shady world around us.
What happened to Earth?
I walk away to go figure it out and as I turn the corner to enter a corridor… I see the New York people from the call. We are still on the phone. I am shocked.
The space was melting, distances didn’t matter anymore.

AI dream #3: the future of bike parking, and autocorrecting laughter

My friends' toddlers are fighting, even though they barely can make sounds. I wonder what's the urge to fight, what instinct is driving them.

We all go to a fancy hotel where we try to park our bikes. The standards are quite high, in fact, someone is showing me a new and safe way to park bicycles.
It's a bit time consuming, but who wants their bike stolen?

Dozens of people gather around me.
I gaze at a hill in front of me, when a train slowly comes on top of the hill, from left to right. The sides of the wagons towards me are open and I can see the inside. Each wagon is a room of someone's home!!!
One of them is Olive Oyl's home. Popeye's girlfriend.
I find it hilarious and start laughing so hard, that everybody is looking at me.
I keep laughing while looking at how to autocorrect "ahaha" on my phone.

AI dream #1: a bike ride with the accountant to the heads of God

Near the river, there was a magic amusement park. Flying machines would hover on water, passengers screaming with joy and awe.

We have an appointment with our new accountant, he is badly tanned, must be 70 years old but his wife is way younger, at least according to the picture. He looks funny.
The appointment is at one of our clients’ offices, I empty the washing machine.
Our clients and the accountant decide to go for a bike ride. With my bike. The accountant almost falls, because of the saddle not properly fitted, he got to be responsible for his own actions.

We are on a bridge. I try to fix the saddle. If I could only pull that screw.

A guy with a red shirt and a dark hat comes close to me, does he want to help? I tell him clearly that I only accepts sincere help, although he seems to be cool with the idea, I know that he has second goals.

Someone else is coming close. I cry for help, but there’s only people under the bridge. I jump.
There are two kids, I follow them running, they tell me there is good people that sing. The kids reassure me they only want to sing. I tell them to bring me to them.

We get to a half hidden and dark room, on the floor I see a dozen blonde heads, very pale skin, laying down with minuscule bodies. They are indeed singing. Each of them is lying in a sleeping bag of different colours. They are happy I am there.
I have never seen such thing. 

Their eyes become coloured illustrations, now a tv, now a rainbow. They look very serious, but they are clearly god. Pure. Their bodies are almost nonexistent.
I am safe.
They are safe.
They keep singing.