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AI dream #16: a new truth and a bad sun stroke

I was back in my hometown, wearing high heels and a towel. We pass through an electronics exhibition and I play with a giant TV screen with a really bad resolution. It’s supposed to be used in meetings. You need a big room for that.

To go to the second floor of a building, I need to pass through a narrow entrance between two thick pieces of glass. It’s so hard and I almost lose my towel. I look around me while struggling, and I see the people from my teenage years. I become alert.

Once I manage to enter, I see a long table on the right and a group of people sitting in a large circle on the left. I try to reach the toilet by walking across the circle of people. I fall. I enter the toilet, I realise the towel is completely dirty and my skin is ruined from a bad sun stroke.

Layers of skin are falling down and I realise I am in my teenage years. I don’t want to leave the toilet. I wonder what to do and I am mad at myself. There’s a new truth in me: I am there to see that I needed strong adult women to contain me and my behaviour.

AI dream #15: hip hop Vivaldi. Breaking in for hygiene anxiety

In a narrow room, I was dancing Vivaldi on a hip hop base. My feet were moving so fast, I was impressed with myself. Flavia, who despises me, compliments my improved dancing skills.

It’s raining outside and when I look outside the window, I see an apartment full of sheep and I get anxious about the hygiene standards of that flat, so much that I break in. To my surprise, all the surfaces were clean. I realise that I have to get out without getting caught.

AI dream #14: it’s raining snowboarders

My father and I were at some retreat with loads of people wearing white. We end up in a very small room where we were invited to perform parkour moves, one at a time. He wasn’t feeling well, so we leave the room right after watching someone perform.

We end up in a room on top of a high tree, it was raining and the roof was leaking. People were banqueting, the atmosphere was dark.

I find myself against a stream of people running towards me in running gear. It’s all very confusing and it gets worst when people wearing snowboarding gear start falling from the sky all around me. Some of them land and start snowboarding, the vast majority of them die. 

AI dream #13: film with locals. Don’t steal my grandma’s tomatoes

My whole family from my mother’s side, alive and dead components, were together at the beach. Someone was shooting a movie and my family was taking part in it: one would cook for the crew, one would help with the scenography... I think of writing an article about how filming in non conventional locations could help local economy prosper and give a other-than-Hollywood touch to the movies.

My grandma is pissed off at two Tesco delivery guys who try to steal her tomatoes. She opens the door with two pickaxes and she beats the hell out of them. I help her, because she is right.

AI dream #12: the night I got locked up to an open air prison with Lady Gaga

I am having dinner with Donatella Versace, who quickly gets bored of me. I think “fair enough, I don’t even understand what you are saying”. Lady Gaga enters the room, a bit agitated. I get close to her and I happily introduce myself while telling her to calm down, because it’s going to be a great night. Katy Perry enters the room. Gaga attacks her.

I find myself locked in an outdoor jail in the countryside, with Gaga. The reason for our lock up is her attack to Katy Perry, of which I have little memory. Despite the absence of any walls, we still cannot leave. A guard gets close to me and hides a note under a rock. I read it in secret, knowing that Gaga would have freaked out seeing me reading it.

AI dream #11: the orphanage where I shot Lea DeLaria

I am in an orphanage with 12 black kids, they are tearing their hair out. Lea DeLaria enters the room and walks toward me, with a threatening look. I shoot her, but I realise soon that I am shooting blanks. I have so many bullets, all useless.

Change of scene. A male adult, a teenager boy and an infant girl share a single bed. The adult and the teenager have a wet dream and when they wake up their sperm goes on the kid pyjamas. I observe the scene from up above.

AI dream #10: the forgotten audio tape in Collemarino

Two pale and bold midgets wearing a red lipstick give me a small audio tape, one of those in use in the ‘90s to record voice mails. They tuck the cassette below a windscreen wiper in a white car parked in the main square of Collemarino.

It’s important that I take it, but I forget about it. As soon as I remember it, I go around the streets of Collemarino looking for it. Eventually, I find it.

Apologies for the use of "midgets", which I have learned in some cases could be perceived as offensive.

AI dream #9: the falling aunt, the toy Lamborghini and the left wing dead man

I buy three tiny and powerful cars for my grandparents, with a spacious trunk. They are happy driving. My aunt could finally walk, she decides to climb a rock by the sea, with no balustrade, she is staggering and falls while I tell her to grab something to avoid falling. She falls from a huge height but she manages to stand back up and limping, she walks away. What a relief.

I am in a big school with a bar where you could drink. I go to the toilet, all the doors are broken and you could hear people chatting from one toilet to the other.

There’s a tiny toy Lamborghini…it works! I decide to use it. As soon as I hit the road, people surround my Lambo at each traffic light, it’s impossible to drive it. I decide that I’m not gonna buy it.

I end up in a house with Sergio Marcelli, who complains about ammonium traces in the toilet. He is smartly dressed, he was going at his father’s funeral. He prepares a sandwich with tuna and beans, I have some with him. I listen to him telling me the story of his father, a left wing labourer who used to work 14 hours a day.

AI dream #8: save the unknown mobster

Tina fey had a horse, I would brush him while she was resting in a small bed. The horse was not used to having other people around.

In a small overcrowded village someone gives me the chore of injecting a powerful medicine in the gum of a mobster. I have to find him in a nearby hospital, t's so challenging to walk with the syringe and not sting any people nor spilling the liquid. I find the hospital, it's almost abandoned, how will I recognise the mobster?

AI dream #7: Mother. Family. Neighbours. One stranger, the police, two small persons.

My family and my cousin are sitting at a table, we all have to say a nice thing about the person sitting on our right. My mother keeps interrupting and we all laugh. My brother joins us and tell my other brother he should drink less.

The police breaks in to my neighbours’ home, crashing open their patio door. An old Indian lady tries to enter my home, but I don’t let her in because she was having a mental breakdown. Two midgets show their genitals under a glass table.

Apologies for the use of "midgets", which I have learned in some cases could be perceived as offensive.

AI dream #6: the guardian of the landscape and the smallest shrimp

I was given the chance to cut some rocks on the sea, and generally rearrange the landscape. I proposed some windows.

A guardian of the area told me I had to become acquainted with the fauna. That’s when he places in my hand the smallest shrimp I have ever seen.

AI dream #5: the end of time and space

I am inside a tower with high ceilings, in one of the top floors.
I am on the phone with a silent but judgemental man and an annoying lady from New York, we are supposed to work on something together but they act as if my team is not good enough.

We mistakenly thought the client was TJ Maxx. It actually was a mining company, therefore our pitch was totally irrelevant.
It’s so hard for me to talk, that I decide to eat a chandelier made of ice. That makes things better.

People from the south gather around me and open a huge window, revealing the dark and shady world around us.
What happened to Earth?
I walk away to go figure it out and as I turn the corner to enter a corridor… I see the New York people from the call. We are still on the phone. I am shocked.
The space was melting, distances didn’t matter anymore.

AI dream #4: the gigantic bold toddler who pitched an useless app

The tall bold man was actually a giant toddler who could speak.
He was showing me his phone, a model I had never seen before. He was trying to convince me to use an app to keep messages in threads. I couldn’t see the innovation.
He tells me to dial 2108.
He lies down on the three-legged bed, and I see that his skull is open.
It was not a nice view.

AI dreamsLuna Cardillinumbers
AI dream #3: the future of bike parking, and autocorrecting laughter

My friends' toddlers are fighting, even though they barely can make sounds. I wonder what's the urge to fight, what instinct is driving them.

We all go to a fancy hotel where we try to park our bikes. The standards are quite high, in fact, someone is showing me a new and safe way to park bicycles.
It's a bit time consuming, but who wants their bike stolen?

Dozens of people gather around me.
I gaze at a hill in front of me, when a train slowly comes on top of the hill, from left to right. The sides of the wagons towards me are open and I can see the inside. Each wagon is a room of someone's home!!!
One of them is Olive Oyl's home. Popeye's girlfriend.
I find it hilarious and start laughing so hard, that everybody is looking at me.
I keep laughing while looking at how to autocorrect "ahaha" on my phone.

AI dream #2: my washing machine is an Arab engine, I’ll speak Italian

The gynaecologist I chose was totally unprofessional but absolutely funny. She was, as the accountant of the past dream, tanned.

A huge private jet with Arab writings on the side arrives. The cabin crew should be more careful, they are too close to the engines. One of the engines is my washing machine. 

In a room full of my fellow students of all the schools I have been, someone asks me to speak Italian and they would reply back to me saying all the Italian words they'd' knew. It was hilarious.

AI dreamsLuna Cardillicrowds
AI dream #1: a bike ride with the accountant to the heads of God

Near the river, there was a magic amusement park. Flying machines would hover on water, passengers screaming with joy and awe.

We have an appointment with our new accountant, he is badly tanned, must be 70 years old but his wife is way younger, at least according to the picture. He looks funny.
The appointment is at one of our clients’ offices, I empty the washing machine.
Our clients and the accountant decide to go for a bike ride. With my bike. The accountant almost falls, because of the saddle not properly fitted, he got to be responsible for his own actions.

We are on a bridge. I try to fix the saddle. If I could only pull that screw.

A guy with a red shirt and a dark hat comes close to me, does he want to help? I tell him clearly that I only accepts sincere help, although he seems to be cool with the idea, I know that he has second goals.

Someone else is coming close. I cry for help, but there’s only people under the bridge. I jump.
There are two kids, I follow them running, they tell me there is good people that sing. The kids reassure me they only want to sing. I tell them to bring me to them.

We get to a half hidden and dark room, on the floor I see a dozen blonde heads, very pale skin, laying down with minuscule bodies. They are indeed singing. Each of them is lying in a sleeping bag of different colours. They are happy I am there.
I have never seen such thing. 

Their eyes become coloured illustrations, now a tv, now a rainbow. They look very serious, but they are clearly god. Pure. Their bodies are almost nonexistent.
I am safe.
They are safe.
They keep singing.

Unbranding Manifesto.
unbranding manifesto.gif
Columbus Unbranded, lunamargherita 2016

Columbus Unbranded, lunamargherita 2016

This is an open Manifesto. It’s an attempt to open new ways of thinking, sharing and producing content in the social media age.  Add your thoughts.
Share it. Break it. Change it.

Humans are not brands.
Humans shouldn’t follow branding rules.
Humans are more than brands.

Consistency is overrated.

Consistency is not regarded as a virtue.
Brands believe in consistency to be recognisable.
Humans who want to embrace inconsistency and start exploring unknown territories, will sacrifice recognisability in favour of variety.
Those humans will be #unbranding.

Unbranding promotes a naïf, unsophisticated approach, a more experimental way of being.


While unbranding, humans allow themselves to explore behaviours and new forms of expression.
The unbranded person will put every effort into trying to make purely adventurous decisions. They will not allow previous choices, education, social and cultural contexts to affect their actions. An unbranded person will introspectively realise what is the less walked path and will pave the way.
The unbranded person is not scared of abrupt changes of direction.Unbranding is also trusting the voices in your mind less and less. Unexpected behaviours are welcome.
As a general rule for new unbranders, take the path that you wouldn’t usually take. The use of maps is not encouraged.


The unbranded person acts.
The unbranded person acts lead by a pure sense of exploration.
The unbranded person acts lead by a pure sense of exploration and will change direction if needed.

The total state of unbranding can never be reached, it’s a lifelong quest.

Between listening and talking, unbranding is silence.
Between listening and talking, unbranding is silence especially when the spoken word feeds the ego.
In fact, a good habit to start unbranding is to remain silent especially when we know the answer to a question.
Shut up. Unbrand.

Wrong, is a place.

Unbranding is being possibly wrong and realise that ‘wrong’ is just another place.


Unbranding is ordering food at the restaurant by randomly pointing at something on the menu.
Unbranding is letting the haters hate and the critics, critique. Your role is that of the creator, the leader, the generator.
Unbranding is publish first, and edit later.

The Unbranding Manifesto originally appeared on  Medium 👈🏿

Luna Cardilli
Bridging the Creative Gap Between Mobile + Desktop

We wanted to dive into the end user journey with the Creative SDK on the blog today. One of our fantastic partners, infltr, launched the newest version of their app last month which we featured here. They also wrote a great article on bridging the creative gap between mobile and desktop – something we’re passionate about here at Adobe. infltr featured an interview with Luna Margherita Cardilli, co-founder of creative agency Black Fish Tank, and explored how infltr’s integration of the Creative SDK enabled her to have a more seamless creative workflow between her mobile and desktop tools.

Read the interview below or infltr’s article here!

Originally posted on Medium

T. Hi Luna! Before we talk about infltr and how you’ve been using it, can you talk me through what it used to be like working between your mobile and your desktop as a creative?
L. Firstly, I love my iPhone 6S Plus — the camera is amazing so I hardly ever carry my DSLR with me anymore. I find inspiration can strike at any time so I use my phone to capture images on the fly to use in my work. Obviously, as a professional designer, I need to keep the images I capture in the highest possible resolution.
I don’t mind admitting that I haven’t had the greatest experience of moving files with Apple’s Airdrop — occasionally it works, but normally it doesn’t for me. So I use what’s probably a common hack where I send images from my phone to my desktop via email. I then download the images from email to my desktop and save them to Adobe’s Creative Cloud so I can use them in Photoshop or Illustrator later. It’s annoying — it takes time to upload / download files, my email is clogged with high res images, sometimes I have to sacrifice resolution to email the file and I end up with duplicate images across my mobile, desktop and the Cloud. It’s less than ideal but I definitely don’t think I am the only creative to work like this!

T. How did you use filters in your work before?
L. Before finding infltr, I didn’t really use filters for my images at all. I wasn’t happy with the limited choice of filters most camera apps offer so I would use Apple’s native camera to shoot and email the image to myself, edit it on my desktop, then share online or incorporate it into my work. Filtering images using infltr has changed that completely because when you swipe, you never know what’s going to be the next filter you discover. It’s possible to see hundreds — potentially even thousands of filters with just a few swipes. It’s always a surprise and I find myself choosing filters I know I would never find with another app or create on a desktop environment. Serendipity has a big part to play in creativity — some of my favourite images have been created using completely unexpected filters that infltr lets you discover.

T. So now you have the latest version of infltr installed on your phone, how has that changed the way you work?
L. infltr lets me share my images between my phone and desktop in a completely seamless way without losing any resolution at all. I connected the app to my Adobe account and with a single tap can save images from my phone directly to Creative Cloud and open them immediately on my desktop. No more emails to myself! Honestly I can say this is an experience I’ve never had with any other camera app — it’s really, really cool.

T. You’ve sent me an image that you created using this new infltr to Adobe workflow. Can you talk me though it?
L. I’m working on a project at the moment called ‘The Unbranding Manifesto’. At the heart of it is the idea that we need to challenge the old. To remain creative, we need to be less consistent with our past choices and start seeing in a new way. Embracing serendipity is the key to this creative freedom. If you speak to a photographer, most will probably tell you there are rules for photographing the sky. If shooting in colour, you work to enhance its blue tones, perhaps the whites of the clouds. But what if we “unbrand” the sky? What I mean by that is remove the rules and embrace the idea that the sky can be for example neon yellow? This unbranding of the everyday brings new meanings and connections to creative work.
I was thinking about what images to use to accompany this Unbranding Manifesto while scrolling through pictures I shot and filtered with infltrwhile in the Canary Islands. Unsurprisingly given the location, I took lots and lots of pictures of the sea and the sky. Some of the filters I discovered with infltr and used were unusual — they changed the “branded” qualities of the elements. One filter gave a picture of the sky the colour and texture of sand. Another image I shot of water had a metallic, blue grey filter that reminded me of the movement and energy that Van Gogh imbued his skies with. That’s how the idea of using composition techniques for the Unbranding Manifesto came to me.
I used infltr to save these filtered pictures in high res directly from my iPhone to my Adobe Creative Cloud, and then at my desktop, opened the pictures seamlessly in Photoshop with no change to the original resolution — and no need to upload and email myself individual shots! I used the image of the sand-coloured sky as the ground in the composition and the metallic image of the sea as the sky. I grabbed a photo I shot in Barcelona of the explorer Christopher Columbus — he actually set off from the Canary Islands on his voyage to the Americas in 1492. Before Columbus’s journey, some people still clung to the idea that the world was flat and that below the earth was more sky. Still in Photoshop, I cropped and layered the image of Columbus’ statue over the composite.

infltr lunamargherita unbranding
Luna Cardilli