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AI dream #1: a bike ride with the accountant to the heads of God

Near the river, there was a magic amusement park. Flying machines would hover on water, passengers screaming with joy and awe.

We have an appointment with our new accountant, he is badly tanned, must be 70 years old but his wife is way younger, at least according to the picture. He looks funny.
The appointment is at one of our clients’ offices, I empty the washing machine.
Our clients and the accountant decide to go for a bike ride. With my bike. The accountant almost falls, because of the saddle not properly fitted, he got to be responsible for his own actions.

We are on a bridge. I try to fix the saddle. If I could only pull that screw.

A guy with a red shirt and a dark hat comes close to me, does he want to help? I tell him clearly that I only accepts sincere help, although he seems to be cool with the idea, I know that he has second goals.

Someone else is coming close. I cry for help, but there’s only people under the bridge. I jump.
There are two kids, I follow them running, they tell me there is good people that sing. The kids reassure me they only want to sing. I tell them to bring me to them.

We get to a half hidden and dark room, on the floor I see a dozen blonde heads, very pale skin, laying down with minuscule bodies. They are indeed singing. Each of them is lying in a sleeping bag of different colours. They are happy I am there.
I have never seen such thing. 

Their eyes become coloured illustrations, now a tv, now a rainbow. They look very serious, but they are clearly god. Pure. Their bodies are almost nonexistent.
I am safe.
They are safe.
They keep singing.