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AI dream #5: the end of time and space

I am inside a tower with high ceilings, in one of the top floors.
I am on the phone with a silent but judgemental man and an annoying lady from New York, we are supposed to work on something together but they act as if my team is not good enough.

We mistakenly thought the client was TJ Maxx. It actually was a mining company, therefore our pitch was totally irrelevant.
It’s so hard for me to talk, that I decide to eat a chandelier made of ice. That makes things better.

People from the south gather around me and open a huge window, revealing the dark and shady world around us.
What happened to Earth?
I walk away to go figure it out and as I turn the corner to enter a corridor… I see the New York people from the call. We are still on the phone. I am shocked.
The space was melting, distances didn’t matter anymore.