AI dream #3: the future of bike parking, and autocorrecting laughter

My friends' toddlers are fighting, even though they barely can make sounds. I wonder what's the urge to fight, what instinct is driving them. We all go to a fancy hotel where we try to park our bikes. The standards are quite high, in fact, someone is showing me a new and safe way to park bicycles. It's a bit time consuming, but who wants their bike stolen?

Dozens of people gather around me. I gaze at a hill in front of me, when a train slowly comes on top of the hill, from left to right. The sides of the wagons towards me are open and I can see the inside. Each wagon is a room of someone's home!!! One of them is Olive Oyl's home. Popeye's girlfriend. I find it hilarious and start laughing so hard, that everybody is looking at me. I keep laughing while looking at how to autocorrect "ahaha" on my phone.

AI dreamsLuna Cardilli