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Dubai monsters

Dubai monsters

Dubai is a huge construction site. Before the 2020 EXPO many more villages and neighbourhoods are going to be built. Some have been under construction for years now, waiting for wealthy people to buy.

I have visited a golf club with many villas abandoned because of the disproportionate offer compared to the demand.
The builders working there look like what you'd expect slaves to look like. There is little to none safety procedure in place; some builders look around 70 years old, but they are still working; most of them are skin and bones, but they are still working.
The villas are sold for good money, despite the materials being below standards and all the signals of a ghost town.

The walls are exposed for years and years before someone buys the property.
Wealthy kids from Western countries will spend months or years of their childhood in a protected area in a country that only protects their own or the expats.

I thought it was a great idea to draw some monsters on the walls of these ghost villas.
The drawings are digital, I didn't feel like going to jail in the UAE.