Quartz launched the new AR feature alongside the release of iOS 11. Some of the news have AR objects attached, which can be placed in the real world and resized (from minuscule to massive). It's built with the ARkit, therefore the objects can be explored from every side. 👉🏾website


👇🏾apps that use AR as driver 👇🏾

Vuforia Chalks

Share your device’s view of something with someone else to discuss a problem, say which button to push on a remote, or how to operate a homemade cappuccino maker. The two of you can then annotate the screen to pass along or comment on directions in real time. The app uses augmented reality to make sure those markups stay in place as you move your phone’s camera around the space.
"Proves Augmented Reality Isn’t Just Hype" - TIME | "The AR App I’ve Been Waiting For" - tom's guide | "The Future of Education, Service and Support" - Forbes



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Reality is your canvas. Create mirages out of thin air with spatial photos, objects, text, hashtags, gifs & drawings. Add mirages to real-world places where others can find, view, & like them. It’s also a bridge between apps: you can add an hashtag and launch twitter or instagram in location. It wasn’t created with ARKit. It disappears after 24hours unless users upvote it.  👉🏾website

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Use your phone like a spray can and create graffiti in the real world. Find other people's art in AR and follow other graffiti artists.



Neon uses augmented reality to connect people around unique locations, whether it’s finding a secret house party or linking up with your friends at a crowded festival.


Fitness AR

Explore your Strava bike rides and runs in augmented reality. A beautiful 3D terrain map, powered by Mapbox, is placed in the real world allowing you to walk around and explore your past activities in a way that wasn’t possible before. You can jump right into the app — no account needed. With a beautiful featured gallery of rides and runs, you can explore famous cycling routes and stunning terrains.
This app works best with a Strava account. After you connect your account, you can browse your past activities, browse your friends’ activities, and browse the routes you built on Strava’s route builder.