• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Need more?

  • 01. Maybe you want to know if I can work for you?

    Yes, I can work for you / your company. I am not a freelancer though, I co-run Black Fish Tank Ltd, a lovely media agency based in London. My partner is Ljudmilla Socci and trust me: you want to meet her.

    02. Maybe you are wondering if I only work in Italy and in the UK?

    No way, I work from anywhere in the world and so does Black Fish Tank! Travelling is one of the pillars of creativity and we spoil us a lot with BA AVIOS.

    03. Maybe you would like to invite me as a speaker to your event?

    Of course you can! Just write me an email or send me a message through the contact form and tell me when, what and where. Then we will together work out the how :) I have talked to a wide range of people going from high school students to top managers. My presentations are always hand drawn and inedited.

    Please visit the talks section of this website to see some of my latest talks

  • You know you want something, but you don’t know what exactly

    At Black Fish Tank Ltd, my lovely company co-founded with the amazing Ljudmilla Socci, we not only provide a wide variety of services: we invent solutions.

    It means that if you feel you or your company need an extra kick, but don’t know exactly what to do, that’s when we do our best!

    Just speak to us and we will explore together the horizon of possibilities in front of us and decide where to go accordingly with your needs. Trust us, is going to be fun!

    Where are the prices?

    I know, money is really important and that’s why we don’t used fixed prices: we work out the price together with you, while we create your tailor made communication strategy. It’s great because you know you are paying exactly for what you are getting!